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Accessibility on the Fraser Coast

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

The Fraser Coast is committed to fostering accessibility across its diverse offerings. Numerous attractions cater to varying abilities, ensuring an inclusive experience for all. Wheelchair-accessible whale-watching tours in Hervey Bay allow everyone to witness the majestic humpback whales during their annual migration. The Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens boasts accessible pathways and sensory gardens, embracing visitors of all needs. Maryborough, with its historic charm, features museums and streets accessible to everyone, celebrating its rich heritage. Accessibility extends to dining experiences, with many restaurants providing wheelchair-friendly entrances and facilities. Accommodation options on the Fraser Coast prioritise inclusivity, offering accessible rooms and facilities to guarantee a comfortable stay for all guests. From exploring Fraser Island with accessible tours to enjoying a meal at an inclusive restaurant and staying in accommodations designed for all, the Fraser Coast exemplifies a commitment to making its attractions, dining, and lodging accessible to everyone.

Two all-terrain wheelchairs are also available for hire at the Hervey Bay Visitor Information Centre (subject to availability). A $200 deposit will be taken at booking, to be refunded upon return of the chair. For more information, or to reserve a chair, call us on 1800 811 728 or pop into the Visitor Information Centre

Inclusive Adventures

The Fraser Coast, located in Queensland, Australia, offers a diverse range of accessible activities for visitors of all abilities. Hervey Bay, known as the whale-watching capital, provides wheelchair-friendly access to whale-watching tours, ensuring everyone can marvel at the annual migration of humpback whales. The iconic Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens welcomes all with its accessible pathways, sensory gardens, and inclusive facilities. Maryborough, the birthplace of P.L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, boasts a rich heritage showcased through its historic streets and museums, many of which have prioritised accessibility. K’gari-Fraser Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers accessible tours to explore its unique natural beauty, including the stunning Lake McKenzie. With a commitment to inclusivity, the Fraser Coast ensures that everyone, regardless of mobility, can partake in the region’s natural wonders and cultural delights.

Accessible Places to Eat and Drink

The Fraser Coast, a haven for gastronomic exploration in Queensland, Australia, proudly embraces inclusivity in its culinary landscape. With a commitment to ensuring that everyone can savour the diverse flavours the region has to offer, accessible dining options abound. Waterfront seafood establishments and trendy cafes alike prioritise accessibility, providing wheelchair-friendly entrances and facilities to welcome all patrons. The culinary diversity extends to international cuisines, with restaurants across Hervey Bay and Maryborough offering inclusive dining experiences, catering to various dietary preferences and accessibility needs. The Fraser Coast’s commitment to accessibility extends beyond the plate, creating an inviting atmosphere for all to relish the region’s culinary delights.

Enjoy a Comfortable Stay

As the gateway to the wonders of Queensland, the Fraser Coast boasts a diverse range of accommodation that cater to every traveler’s needs and preferences. From the laid-back shores of Hervey Bay to the historic charm of Maryborough, the region offers a spectrum of lodging options that ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. Whether you seek the luxury of beachfront resorts, the coziness of boutique hotels, or the charm of bed-and-breakfasts nestled in heritage surroundings, the Fraser Coast provides an array of choices for discerning visitors. The commitment to inclusivity is evident, with many accommodations offering accessible rooms and facilities to ensure that everyone can enjoy a seamless and welcoming experience.


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