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Wildlife Safety on K’gari

Create memories on K’gari-Fraser Island (the Worlds largest Sand Island. this is one of the only places on the planet you can camp in a rainforest that grows out of sand. Whether it’s for a few days or a couple of weeks, there is plenty to do and see on K’gari.  From the countless freshwater lakes, to hiking through rainforests and swimming in the freshwater creeks. Or you just might like to sit back and watch the world go by.

Wildlife and Safety on K'gari

Be sure to stop into your Local Visitor Information Centre to receive the most up to date information. Before heading out to K’gari-Fraser Island, be sure to stay up to date with local weather forecasts, tide times and latest information from Parks and Wildlife

  • Campfires: The only place on K’gari-Fraser Island that you are allowed to have a fire are in the provided fire rings in Dundubara and Waddy Point camping area and the private campgrounds of Cathedrals.
  • Domesticated Animals: All domestic animals are prohibited from the recreation areas except for a certified guide, hearing, assistance dog or trainee support dogs are permitted to access all public areas of lands managed by QPWS. Details can be found here.
  • Drinking Water: Outside of the resorts it is highly recommended that you bring your own drinking water. If you are camping and need to refill there are taps located at Central Station, Waddy Point camping areas along with Dundubara camping areas and Eurong (on the beach in front of the QPWS ranger base.)
  • First-aid: If you are planning on camping or staying on the island for an extended period of time, please be sure to bring adequate supplies of any prescription medication you might need: there is NO Pharmacy or resident doctor on the island. Due to the remote location Urgent medical help is not always available. To ensure your safety on the island you should always carry a well-equipped first aid kit/.
  • Permits and Fees: Please make sure to purchase your camping and vehicle permits before entering K’gari-Fraser Island’s recreation area if you plan to 4WD or camp on the island. Permits can be found here.

All the above information plus up-to-date details about K’gari-Fraser Island can be found on the Parks and Forests website here: K’gari (Fraser Island), Great Sandy National Park | Parks and forests | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland (

Dingo Safety

Dingoes have the potential to be dangerous to humans. the risk of dangerous behaviour is greatly increased in dingoes that have become habituated to humans through feeding or other encouragement. It is illegal to disturb or feed dingoes and heavy fines apply (maximum fine of $10,676 and an on the spot fine of $2135.) If you feel threatened by a dingo:
- stand to your full height
-face the dingo
- fold arms and maintain eye contact
- Calmly back away
-if in pairs, stand back to back
-confidently call for help
-do not run or wave your arms.

For more information you can visit the QPSWS website here - you can also download a dingo safety pamphlet from the button below

Be Dingo Safe

Marine Stingers

Suspected Irukandji jellyfish have been reported by swimmers on the western side of K'gari during the summer months around Mangrove creeks. It is advisable to avoid swimming in these areas during summer. It's important to stay up to date with Queensland Parks and forests for any alerts. Medical assistance can be limited on K'gari-Fraser Island, so visitors are advised to take this into consideration. Irukandji have potent toxic stings that can cause serious illness and, in some rare cases, death. In an emergency dial 000.

Queensland Parks' Alerts

4WD Tips & Info

Driving on K’gari-Fraser Island

All inland roads, vehicle tracks and beaches are designated roads and Queensland road rules apply. Police patrol all areas of the island and speed checks and breath testing can happen at any time

Speed Limits:

  • 30km/h inland roads
  • 80km/h beach
  • 50km/h Hook Point Inland Road
  • 10,30 and 40km/h in shared zones.

K’gari-Fraser Island sand tracks are rough and suitable for high clearance 4WD Vehicles only. All roads and tracks are subject to natural conditions and erosion

Beach access tracks are often very soft and dry. Keep left on beaches. Traffic is two-way.

Driving Tips

  • Engage 4wd
  • Carry a recovery kit including Snatch Strap, Shackles, Max Tracks, Tyre Gauge, Air Compressor Shovel,
  • When reducing Tyre pressure, refer to your Tyre manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Check the tides. Avoid driving two hours either side of high tide.
  • Park nose of vehicle to the water and above the high tide mark.
  • Never overload your vehicle.
  • Avoid driving at night.
  • NB: Most all-wheel-drive (AWD) do not have low range, which is essential for K’gari-Fraser Island Driving


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