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Experience an unforgettable up-close wildlife encounter with the majestic humpback whales, on a Fraser Island Whale Watch Cruise. Regarded as the whale watching capital of the world, the calm, clear and protected waters of Hervey Bay marine park offer excellent viewing, due to the number of whales in the region, and from being sheltered by Fraser Island.

Between August and October each year, over 1,500 whales take time out from their migration to spend anywhere from a day to two weeks relaxing, playing and nurturing their calves.

During this time, Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island offer daily whale watching cruises to get you out amongst the whales very quickly. Operating in conjunction with Quick Cat II, the qualified skippers provide extensive commentary on the whale’s behaviour. The whales are curious about the whale watch boats and often come in close to dive under the boats and swim around. They often provide spectacular action.

Witness these gentle giants rise out of the water in a spectacular breach, wave their pec fins or make a splash with their tail flukes, for the thrill of a lifetime.

They have adopted COVID Safe best practice and are fully compliant with all Queensland Health guidelines.

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