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Dickabram Bridge

Dickabram Bridge

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About Dickabram Bridge

The Dickabram Bridge stands as a testament to history, a heritage-listed marvel spanning the Mary River in Gympie, Queensland. Located in Miva 30 mins NW of Gympie CBD, the bridge was built in 1886 by McDermott Owen & Co., and served as a pivotal link on the Kingaroy railway line, enduring countless floods and expansions throughout its existence.

This architectural relic, designed by Henry Charles Stanley, remains a rare gem, one of the last three road-and-rail bridges in Australia and the sole survivor in Southeast Queensland. As the oldest large steel truss bridge in the region, its significance is unparalleled.

A recent upgrade has enhanced the area, offering a new shelter, picnic spots, a BBQ area, refreshed amenities, and a resurfaced car park. The site overlooks the historic bridge and the Mary River, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its rich narrative. The site is also a 72-hour free rest stop so why not extend your stay and camp the night.

Encounter the bridge’s enduring legacy, marvel at its sturdy construction, and relish the picturesque views of the river. With its historical importance and recent enhancements, the Dickabram Bridge and its surrounding park promise an enriching and scenic visit for tourists seeking a glimpse into Queensland’s past. Stop for lunch at the Historic Theebine Hotel closeby for a great day out.


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