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Brooweena Historical Village and Museum

Brooweena Historical Village and Museum

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About Brooweena Historical Village and Museum

The Brooweena Historical Village is a charming village depicting what life was like in days gone by, set in a tranquil rural setting in the hamlet of Brooweena 304 kilometres north of Brisbane. Europeans first settled in this area in 1849, and the town developed with the arrival of the railway line in 1889. The local sawmill opened in 1924, and timber continues to be an important local industry today. Sugar production is also one of Woocoo Shire’s major industries.

A collection of 12 heritage buildings presents a mosaic of the past, during peace and war – early education, recreation, elegance, and gracious living are on display. There is a rustic barn with a collection of bullock and horse-drawn vehicles and an original settler’s slab dwelling with a detached kitchen.

Other buildings in the village well worth an inspection include a dairy shed, a blacksmith’s shop, the original Woocoo Shire Office (which was constructed in the town), the former Brooweena railway station, a brake van, railway goods shed, a settler’s slab hut and a butcher shop.

The museum contains an extensive array of memorabilia, and musical instruments, including accordions, those indispensable items of bush dances in the past.


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