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75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach

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About 75 Mile Beach

It is not hard to guess how this location got its name. A bloke measured the beach one day and found out that it was 75 miles long. Being such a long beach there is plenty of spots to stop and go fishing.

Look for deep holes and gutters along the beach that have clear water and some foam on the surface from waves breaking over the sandbar behind. Holes where fish can escape to deeper water are best.

Beach fishing is a year-round activity on Fraser Island but from August to October, the famous Tailor Run sees fishing enthusiasts come from far and wide to experience the battle between man and tailor fish.

Apart from its length, there are many more impressive things about this rugged stretch of sand on the east coast of Fraser Island. It’s where you’ll find the Maheno shipwreck, the popular swimming spot known as Champagne Pools and the striking volcanic rock formation of Indian Head.

The beach itself is not a safe place to swim due to dangerous currents and a large shark population. It’s also a landing strip for light aircraft so be sure to take care when you are cruising along the sand in your four-wheel drive. Also, watch for small streams or washes across the beach highway.

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