Harvey Bay Guarantee
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  • When it comes to awe-inspiring experiences, there’s no place quite like Hervey Bay. The stunning intimacy of these gentle giants will truly take your breath away, leaving you with some amazing memories and even better pictures. Hervey Bay is the only place where these spine-tingling, jaw-dropping, heart-stirring encounters are guaranteed, so start planning your own adventure now.
  • When asking the question of what makes Hervey Bay so special, another of the region's gems has a large role to play. The 123kms of Fraser Island combined with the shape of Hervey Bay forms a naturally protected playground that the whales love. Late July to early November each year means guaranteed close encounters with our majestic humpbacks! 
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  • Every year an estimated 13,000 humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warm waters of the Whitsunday Islands to breed. However, it is between late July and early November on their return to the south that they bring their calves to Hervey Bay to rest, play and socialise.
  • Hervey Bay's humpback whales are just as friendly as the locals. A high level of trust has been built up over many years, which means the whales are more relaxed around the boats and happy to get up-close-and-personal when they’re in Hervey Bay.
  • The calm, protected waters provide perfect conditions for mother humpbacks to teach their newborn calves survival skills. Hervey Bay is the only place in the whole world where whales actually stop and take time to play.
  • Whales aren't the only ones loving the waters of Hervey Bay. You’ll also spot dolphins, dugongs and green turtles as nature comes alive.
  • Hervey Bay has many more natural wonders nearby! Start planning your Fraser Coast experience now.
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