Sail Away: Why the Fraser Coast is the Perfect Spot for a Sailing Holiday

Sail Away: Why the Fraser Coast is the Perfect Spot for a Sailing Holiday 1

If you’re looking for a unique holiday that lets you immerse yourself in nature, it’s time to experience a sailing holiday on the Fraser Coast with Fraser Island Boat Charters. 

So, why should you consider the remote western coast of Fraser Island for a sailing holiday in Queensland?

  • You’ll get to see Fraser Island from another perspective

    Nothing will make you appreciate just how huge the world’s largest sand island is until you sail along its western coast. The expansive coast seems to stretch on forever and all you’ll need to worry about is choosing which spot to pull up to next. The local Butchulla people call this amazing place K’gari which translates to ‘paradise’ and sitting to watch the sunset over the coloured sand dunes will have you finding out why. The island is also home to an array of creeks, lakes and sand dunes to explore.
  • The Fraser Coast is home to protected waters

Thanks to that big sand island (K’gari), the Great Sandy Strait between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island is extremely protected and lends itself perfectly to enjoying a sailing holiday in comfort. The islands across the Great Sandy Strait also provide a variety of safe anchorages to provide cover in any weather conditions, along with epic views.

  • There’s an array of wildlife for you to spot

You’ll want to keep those eyes open on a sailing holiday around here, because our waters are full of wildlife that love to pop up and say hello. During winter the humpback whales stop into Hervey Bay, the world’s first whale heritage site, and year round our waters are teeming with dolphins, turtles, dugongs, fish and more.

You may also spot the pure bred dingoes of Fraser Island (K’gari) roaming along the island’s endless beaches.

  • There’s something for everyone

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, love to explore the underwater world or would prefer to just sit back and take in the sun setting over Fraser Island – there’s an experience for everyone on board a sailing holiday. You can set your own itinerary to make the most of the range of experiences on offer like world class fishing spots, snorkelling, walking tracks, exploring hidden shipwrecks, crabbing or sitting back for a picnic on a private beach while the sun sets.

  • You can either bareboat or let a skipper do all the work for you

If you’re ready to charter your own path, bareboat charters allow you to skipper yourself around the Great Sandy Strait and have the trip of a lifetime. Not ready to be captain just yet? The Fraser Coast also offers skippered options so that you can just sit back and take it all in while someone else does all the work.

You can start sailing the Great Sandy Strait with Fraser Island Boat Charters offering a range of bareboat and skippered charters onboard sailing catamarans that depart from Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast.