Why is Hervey Bay the #1 Whale Watching Spot?

When it comes to soul-stirring, up close interactions with Humpback Whales, there's no place like Hervey Bay.  The stunning intimacy of these gentle giants will truly take your breath away, leaving you with amazing memories and even better pictures. 

The Fraser Coast is one of the few places in the world that is now also offering an immersive Humpback Whale experience.

20 years of research has recently confirmed that the Fraser Coast is the only genuine stopover along the migration route where up to 10,000 whales deviate from their annual journey back to Antartica.

Unlike Whale Watching in the open ocean, where the whales simply pass by en route north or south, from July to November, the whales stay for up to 10 days in Hervey Bay, using time to rest, play and socialise.

As well as being home to Australia's best whale watching, the Fraser Coast is one of the few places you can experience three of the world’s most incredible natural experiences back to back, as well as enjoying a captivating mix of stunning beach retreatshistoric streetscapes and hinterland hideaways.  One day you can be staring into the eyes of a massive Humpback Whale as she swims up to play in the water around you. The next day, be dwarfed by ancient, gravity defying trees growing out of only sand while you explore the lakes and coloured sand dunes of one of the most incredible islands on earth - World Heritage Listed Fraser Island.

A new day, and it’s another new iconic experience as you step off Lady Elliot Island to snorkel with giant manta rays and turtles among the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef. Adventures involving the boat, esky and mates more your style? Let's not forget the incredible fishing and boating mecca of the Great Sandy Strait. The Fraser Coast region guarantees Australia's most diverse fishing with some of the best sport and game, sheltered beach and deep sea fishing around. 

The Fraser Coast truly is where nature and adventure comes alive. It’s where you are guaranteed some of the world’s best natural attractions and can experience the ultimate nature-based holiday.


The Humpback's Journey to Hervey BaY

Every year an estimated 17,000 humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the warm waters of the north to breed. On their journey south they come in to the waters of the Great Sandy Strait where those lucky enough to be on the decks of the Hervey Bay whale watching fleet are entertained and amazed.

Humpback whales are gigantic creatures and their size is only matched by their intense curiosity. This creates incredible up close encounters with the whales playfully swimming right up to, and even under, the viewing vessels! The humpbacks slap their fins and tails, show off their incredible power and grace with a breach and then pop up alongside the viewing decks, in what is known as a spyhop. Whale watchers are frequently heard to comment that it can be difficult to work out who is watching who.

The Hervey Bay whale watching fleet also boasts experience that is unmatched elsewhere, with some operators having been conducting tours for over two-decades. There are a wide variety of tours, vessels and packages suitable for whatever experience you are looking for.

Tours typically vary from a half to full day experience and depart from the scenic Urangan Boat Harbour.