Location Urangan
Address Whale Bay Marina
Buccaneer Drive
Urangan QLD 4655
Postal PO Box 7612
Urangan QLD 4655
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Information & Bookings
Fraser Coast Information Centre
+61 1800 811 728

What it's all about

The fun, the excitement

Spirit of Hervey Bay is your best choice for a first rate whale watching adventure. Close encounters, breaching, tail slapping, head lunging being just a few of the spectacular behaviours the whales share and entertain you with.

Fast and luxurious, the Spirit gets you to the whale's playground in comfort for the best viewing experience possible. Spirit offers the most viewing area of any boat. Five levels of viewing decks with 360 degree panoramic views allowing plenty of room for you to move around at your leisure taking in breathtaking views and of course those special photographic memories. There's no crowding on this boat.

Fantastic features include underwater viewing rooms to see the whales in their spiritual underwater world, the amazing waterline viewing platform that lowers you to the water's edge within arms reach of the gentle giants and a hydrophone to listen to their melodic songs.

Only boat to offer money back guarantee on sightings (10 August to 10 October) or free cruise outside these dates.

Tour includes a whale souvenir DVD, WiFi connection, children's activities and courtesy transfers, plus a friendly and obliging crew, the Spirit has everything you need for an adventurous time you won't forget.

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Whale Bay Marina, Buccaneer Drive, Urangan