Australia's Best Whale Watching

Why is Hervey Bay the best spot to watch the whales?

From late July to early November, there is no place like Hervey Bay for breathtaking, up close and personal encounter with majestic humpback whales. The stunning intimacy of a moment with these gentle giants will leave you with amazing memories you won't capture anywhere else.

So, why Hervey Bay you ask? The difference here is that the whales are not merely passing be when they reach Fraser Coast waters. Each year thousands of these 40-tonne mammals purposefully head to our backyard while on migration to relax, play and socialise in the sheltered waters between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

Mothers take time to nurture and train their calves in our waters and because they are so relaxed the whales are just as inquisitive about the boats and the people as we are about them. 

Whale watching vessels offer decks with 360-degree views, underwater viewing rooms, underwater camers and hydrophones so you can listen in to the whales sing. It is extremely common for whales to come right up to each vessel, which is why we can guarantee you won't get another whale watching experience like this one.

Swim with the Humpbacks

Want to get even closer? Early in the whale season you can grab that bucketlist and tick off swimming with whales with a number of boats offering a fully immersive experience where you can actually swim with the whales which are likely to approach you within arm's reach.

A number of different methods are offered to those looking to take the plunge including being tethered to a mermaid line in the ocean and being lowered down on a platform into the water. Whichever way you choose, this is bound to be a pinch yourself moment so make sure you take it all in and listen up for the famous whale songs of the deep.