Have you been whale watching in Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay is the first Whale Heritage Site in Australia and joint first in the world. Our community is so extremely proud of this title.

Known as the Whale Watching Capital of Australia, Hervey Bay is famous for the beautiful beaches and abundant marine life & we are so lucky that we call this beautiful place home – for basically all our lives. Dan & I both moved to Hervey Bay with our families when we were 9 years old & we haven’t left! There’s a good reason why!!!!…..so many reasons! And that’s our next Blog

We’ve taken many whale watching tours over the years on the pristine waters off Fraser Island “K’Gari” – each tour is breathtaking & different.

The first time we took Emmy was super special. Emmy was taken away by what the whales can do & how large they are. Each whale watching boat is so educational & the kids…and big kids love learning all about these giants – They are so majestic.

Our whale season is from July through to October each year – The whales you see here are Humpback whales.

They migrate over 5,000 km each year from the Antarctic to our tropical waters to mate and give birth to their young. 


While you can see the Humpback migration from many places on the east coast of Australia, Hervey Bay is special and the best, as they seem to treat the sheltered bay between Fraser Island “K’Gari” and Hervey Bay, as a stopover on their journey often staying for extended periods, playing & frolicking.

During this time they are more relaxed & are often seen in bigger pods.

During the peak months you often see multiple groups of whales each day. Each doing their own thing….there is nothing quite like a Humpback launching itself out of the water for a “breach” it’s truly mind blowing.

In 2022, be sure to treat yourself to a little holiday in Hervey Bay – slow down & unwind.
Book a whale watching tour on a half day – morning or afternoon – you’ll thank us for it later.

We look forward to seeing you on the fantastic Fraser Coast soon!

Be sure to come visit us when in town or if you know of friends & family coming.


Dan, Steph + Emmy x