Welcome Back to Paradise: K’gari (Fraser Island) is Open

Welcome Back to Paradise: K'gari (Fraser Island) is Open 1

With a little help from Mother Nature, K’gari (Fraser Island) is now out of harm’s way, safe and reopen to visitors from December 15, 2020. The wildfires have been extinguished and regeneration is begun across the island’s vast landscape.

We are also thankful through the efforts of the wonderful firefighters, and a change in wind direction, that the island’s favourite hotspots were all spared from any damage and remain as pristine as ever, including the Kingfisher Bay Resort, Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, Lake Wabby, Pile Valley and Central Station. Thanks to the magnificent effort of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Queensland National Parks rangers and Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation for minimizing the impact of the fires, saving infrastructure, local communities and wildlife.  

We look forward to helping K’gari regenerate and welcome you all back to paradise this summer.  


Below are some of the islands most loved natural attractions that have visitors in awe – all spared from the fires path. From our blue hued sparkling lakes to colorful sand dunes and giant satinay trees, Fraser Island is every nature lovers’ perfect escape.

Lake Mckenzie in Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie
The famous pure white silica sand and crystal-clear waters of Lake McKenzie makes it the crowd favourite for visitors to Fraser Island, and for good reason. The blues and greens of this perched lake also known as Boorangoora are endless. You’ll want to spend all day lounging around at this hotspot. 

Welcome Back to Paradise: K'gari (Fraser Island) is Open 2

Lake Wabby
Towards the ocean side of Fraser Island, you’ll find Lake Wabby. Lake Wabby is a unique spot because it’s both a window and barrage lake. It’s also the perfect spot to pull out the camera and document the giant sand dune that borders its deep green waters. This dune is slowly moving into the lake and in centuries’ time will completely cover those green waters. 

Welcome Back to Paradise: K'gari (Fraser Island) is Open 3

Eli Creek
On the eastern beach of the island lies Eli Creek. Each hour around 4 million litres of clear, freshwater is pumped from Eli Creek into the ocean. With a boardwalk that follows the creek inland, this is the perfect spot for a swim (or float). Eli Creek is a regular stop over on some of the great Fraser Island tours available. 

Welcome Back to Paradise: K'gari (Fraser Island) is Open 4

Central Station
Originally established as a forestry camp when there was logging on Fraser Island (K’gari), Central Station offers a picnic area and educational display surrounding the early development of the island and its abundant flora and fauna. A boardwalk winds through lush rainforest around Wanggoolba Creek, giving you a chance to see some of the world’s largest ferns. 

Welcome Back to Paradise: K'gari (Fraser Island) is Open 5

SS Maheno Shipwreck
The Maheno, the most famous of the Fraser Island wrecks, washed ashore just north of Happy Valley on 75 Mile Beach during a cyclone in 1935. Once a well-known trans-Tasman liner, today the hull now lies about 10km north of Happy Valley. The Maheno is a great piece of Australian history and is a must-see when you visit paradise.

Welcome Back to Paradise: K'gari (Fraser Island) is Open 6

Champagne Pools
The naturally formed rock pools are one of the island’s most visited hot spots. At low tide you’ll find calm pools and at high tide waves crash over nearby rocks filling these pools with frothy bubbles, just like a glass of champagne! The pools are located on the eastern side of the island between Waddy Point and Indian Head. 

To those visiting the island over the coming weeks, we would like to thank you for your support and patience in transitioning back to life as normal. Whilst the island’s iconic destinations remain as pristine as ever, please take care on the inland tracks. For a current list of restricted zones, please click here.

For your safety, we ask you to adhere to any specific instructions (including road closures and restricted access) and respect the fragility of the environment in its initial stages of regeneration.  Please also remember to check in with Park Alerts before you travel.


K’gari’s plant-rich landscape is vast and unique. In fact, there is no other sand island on planet earth that can withstand so much life within such a high saline environment. This is in large thanks to the unique mycorrhizal fungi present within the island’s sandy terrain. Mycorrhizal fungi, or mycorrhiza, is a nutrient-rich, critical component of a plant’s microbiome, essentially making it responsible for most life on planet earth and the perfect atmosphere for regeneration activity on Fraser Island. 
A truly remarkable phenomenon, which we are already seeing on parts of the island affected by the wildfires. Areas to the north of Cathedrals Camping Ground, inland tracks to Wathumba and Indian Head have experienced significant regrowth. Visitors have the unique experience of being a part of K’gari’s regeneration process, and elements of the island in its raw state, and in some places removed of wallum scrub, which truly amplifies the magnificent scale of the island’s sand dunes and other topography. Further north where fire passed through a few short weeks ago, the ferns are already well out of the ground, the trees are resprouting and the grass trees (Xanthorrhoea australis) are beginning to flourish once again.

All of our amazing natural icons are waiting for you to come to visit this Christmas or later during summer. If you would like to plan your next Fraser Island holiday, be sure to check our comprehensive list of tours, accommodation and attractions here.

We cannot wait to welcome you to paradise soon.