Attraction, Military Trail Railway Station Air-Raid Shelter

Railway Station Air-Raid Shelter
Lennox Street Maryborough, QLD 4650

When Australians began signing up for the second world conflict in 1939, the war in Europe was still a world away. However, the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour in December 1941, the invasion of countries in South-East Asia and the Pacific by the Japanese Imperial Army and the later attacks on Darwin and Broome on the Australian mainland in early 1942 brought the war much closer to home than anticipated. The fear of bombing became real and bomb shelters were built across the country. Maryborough was also considered a target because of the naval ship building yards at Walkers Ltd. The city has a rare, surviving example of an air-raid shelter built in 1942 for railway passengers. This shelter was ready for use when the first Government-ordered air raid drill occurred in June that year. There is also another air-raid shelter at the Court House, which nowadays houses the miniature trains that run in the park. There are now only four similar structures left in Queensland.

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Lennox Street Maryborough, QLD 4650