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Chippie Mark IV Statue
Queens ParkMaryborough, QLD 4650

While serving in Poperinghe in Belgium as an army chaplain, Maryborough-born Rev Philip ‘Tubby’ Clayton co-founded Talbot House (known as Toc H), as a unique place of rest and sanctuary for soldiers fighting on the Western Front during World War I. Toc H’s ethos was “Friendship, Service, Fair-mindedness and the Kingdom of God” and it became an international Christian movement after the war. Clayton was given his first dog ‘Chippie’ by Queen Mary and each new ‘Chippie’ that followed came from the Royal Kennels. The effigy of Chippie Mark IV was installed to commemorate various anniversaries relating to Toc H, including Clayton’s death in 1972.

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Queens ParkMaryborough, QLD 4650