Hervey Bay whale watching tours offered by Pacific Whale Foundation Eco Adventures Australia (PWFEAA) have been included in Tourism Australia’s Signature Tours program, through PWF’s new partnership with Australian Wildlife Journeys.

The TA program is a partnership with industry, packaging and promoting Australia’s outstanding tourism experiences in niche areas and special interest categories. It seeks to connect with international travellers who are specifically seeking out destinations that can deliver memorable experiences closely aligned to their own specific interests.

Until the addition of PWF, Australian Wildlife Journeys included only 12 experiences throughout Australia and only one in Queensland – Far North Queensland Nature Tours, based in Cairns.

Wildlife Journeys are synonymous in their promotion of Australia’s wonderful wildlife, from kangaroos and koalas to quokkas and quolls – and now whales.

It is part of a group of Australia top wildlife travel operators that have come together to showcase their commitment to conservation, passion for nature and interpretation of wildlife in natural habitats.

Australian Wildlife Journeys operators see themselves as guardians of the native fauna as well as expert guides. They also possess an amazing commitment in sharing their stories with guests to Australia.

In announcing the inclusion of the multi award winning Hervey Bay whale watch tour into the Signature Tours of Australia program, Director of Pacific Whale Foundation Australia, Andrew Ellis, said a goal of PWF was to be recognised as a leader in science-based eco-tourism and a proponent of research, education and conservation in our community.

 “To showcase the best of Hervey Bay’s incredible humpback whale encounters to a greater global audience and to highlight the sustainability of our eco-tourism industry is a fantastic opportunity that could not be missed,” he said after being invited to join the TA program.

PWFEAA is a fully owned subsidiary of Pacific Whale Foundation Australia, a charitable trust with a mission to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and to inspire environmental stewardship.

“Our vision is to be the people’s environmental organisation for the protection of our whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals living wild in their natural habitat. We strive to share our love of whales and their ocean home through our research-based whale watching eco-tours,” Mr Ellis said.

FCTE general manager Martin Simons said the inclusion of the PWF tour into the national program was an accolade for the company and its approach to eco-tourism and would also help to further set Hervey Bay apart as a whale watching destination of both Australia and world significance.

Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing also features in the Tourism Australia initiative aimed at helping travelers find engaging experiences that connect them closer to a destination.

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