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Location Brooweena
Address Smith Crescent
Brooweena QLD 4620
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Fraser Coast Information Centre
+61 1800 811 728


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Brooweena is a beautiful country town in the former Brooweena Shire. Surrounded by cattle stations, the town includes a school, a sawmill established in 1924, a museum and historical village. The Woocoo Shire War Memorial is located outside the museum and inside the museum visitors can discover a wonderful variety of objects and paraphernalia from World War I and life in the country. The Shire of Woocoo had a very active branch of the Red Cross Ladies Auxiliary during World War I. The women provided various comforts to the men on the Front to supplement their rations, including tobacco, biscuits and even socks. The branch also organised carnivals to raise funds for the war effort, enabling the purchase of a field ambulance that was sent to the Front.

Women were encouraged to join volunteer organisations that supported the soldiers on the Front during World War I. The organisations included the Red Cross, the Country Women's Association, the Women's Christian Temperance Union, the Australian Women's National League, the Voluntary Aid Detachment, the Australian Comforts Fund and the Cheer-Up Society. The nature of the organisations reflected the predominantly domestic role of women in Australian society at the time. Women were expected to look after children and manage the home. Women’s roles didn’t change dramatically until World War II. A good example is the former Maryborough Air Station, which is included in the military trail. Women worked at the station and took on a variety of roles, including radar mechanics.

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Smith Crescent, Brooweena