Great Sandy Strait

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Take it easy and reconnect with nature in the marine park that recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary!

Between the Fraser Coast’s mainland and Fraser Island lies the Great Sandy Strait, about 70km of crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, a network of shallow lying flats and a maze of creeks.

The Great Sandy Biosphere covers 540,000 hectares of marine park and was highlighted by UNESCO in 2009 in the same class as the Galapagos Islands, the Central Amazon and Uluru.

The strait gives you the chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take on a much slower pace.

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By The Sea

Enjoy being surrounded by the crystal clear waters of our backyard when you sail this marine sanctuary and explore the remote western side of Fraser Island. You’ll get a chance to explore the many fishing and diving options or discover the quaint heritage-listed lighthouses on Woody Island. 

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On The Land

Put your feet up in the coastal communities of Tinnanbar, Maaroom, Boonoroo, Tuan and Poona. These spots are at the heart of the Great Sandy Strait and can be accessed via the Maryborough-Cooloola Road. There are a range of caravan and villa style accommodation options available that are a match made in heaven for relaxing and fishing.

Our Top Things To Do

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Get on board some of Australia's most diverse fishing

The waters full of wildlife and fish in the Great Sandy Strait present anglers with a huge diversity of species from whiting and flathead, barra and threadfin salmon to prawns and mud crabs. You can choose to hit the waters alongside Fraser Island or duck into one of the many creeks across the strait to hook your next catch.

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Find out for yourself why it's the best spot in Australia to see the Humpback Whales

This is also where you’ll find the best whale watching encounter in Australia if not the world. Every year from July to November, thousands of humpback whales head to the waters off Hervey Bay for a rest and play along their 10,000 km migration journey. It is this calm environment that moothers choose to teach their calves – we like to call it the whale nursery.

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Jump on a fully guided tour around the Straits in summer

Whale season isn’t the only time you can delight in everything the Great Sandy Strait has to offer. A number of excellent local tour operators offer a variety of different options so that you can experience the straits without the hassle. Boat tours will travel up the beautiful coast of Fraser Island and often stop at a crowd favourite, Pelican Bank.

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Put your feet up in a coastal community

Sit back and relax in the coastal communities at the heart of the Great Sandy Strait including Tinnanbar, Maaroom, Tuan and Poona. Each area can be accessed via the Maryborough-Cooloola Road. They offer caravan and villa stays that are made for relaxing and a spot of fishing. Locals choose to fish either from the shore or from mangrove-lined creeks and sheltered waterways.

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Discover at your own pace by hiring a boat

Thanks to the shelter provided by World Heritage-listed Fraser Island and Hervey Bay, the waters of the Great Sandy Strait offers unique sailing conditions to rival the Whitsundays. You can explore these stunning waters at your own pace with yachts, catamarans and even the humble tinny all available for hire from Hervey Bay.

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Check out the variety of marinelife found in the strait

As part of a world recognised biosphere, the waters of the Great Sandy Strait provide a unique opportunity to spot stunning scenery and the wildlife that inhabit the area. On any given day you could get up and close and personal with dugongs, turtles, rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and a large variety of sea birds.

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Stay alongside the Great Sandy Strait



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Water-based Experiences