Fraser Coast Opportunities

Driving On Fraser Island - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Four Wheel Drive vehicle on Fraser Island?

Yes, Fraser Island is the World's Largest Sand Island and does not have bitumen roads. The tracks on Fraser Island are soft sand and not suitable for conventional vehicles. Four wheel drive vehicles with low ground clearance may have difficulty on some inland tracks.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service publishes an invaluable weekly report, providing details of track conditions on the Island and QPWS campsite availablity.

Track Report

Can I drive on the Beach?

Yes, travellers are advised to attempt beach travel only at low tide. The ocean beach has hazards including washouts, particularly after heavy rain and rough seas. Wave action exposes dangerous rocks. For beach driving a reduction in tyre pressure to 136kpa (18-21psi) is recommended and an 80 kilometre per hour speed limit is enforced.

Keep your speed down when passing people or parked vehicles on the beach.

Warning - Beware of aircraft landing on the beach, particularly at low tide. Keep Clear.

When is the best time to travel on the beach?

Around low tide is the best time to travel on the beach. Avoid driving during the two hours either side of high tide, and often for longer, because some areas are more affected than others by tidal activity and onshore winds. For satety, avoid travelling at night.

Warning - Caution should be taken when crossing freshwater creeks. Walk through it to check the depth of water and softness of sand first, then cross slowly. Do not stop your vehicle in any creek bed.

Where can I get the Tide Times for Fraser Island?

Tide TimesThis link will provide Fraser Island Tide Times.

Do Speed Limits and Road Rules apply on Fraser Island?

Yes, speed limits apply on Fraser Island: 80 kilometres per hour on the beach and 35 kilometres per hour on the inland tracks although slower is recommended. On many of the inland tracks only 15 kilometres per hour is possible. All vehicular tracks and the eastern beach are designated roads and normal road rules apply.

Seatbelts should be worn at all times. Never carry passengers outside the vehicle cabin as people travelling in this manner have been seriously injured by being thrown from vehicles.

Keep to the left of oncoming vehicles at all times. Use indicators when overtaking or turning.