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Fraser Island

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It’s the world’s largest sand island! Located just 360km north of Queensland’s capital Brisbane in Australia, World Heritage-listed island K’gari Fraser Island attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to its shores each year because of its diverse landscapes and natural wonders.

From crystal clear lakes to lush rainforests, the global destination offers camping, cabin, resort and holiday style accommodation for its guests, and is home to many species of native wildlife, abundant water life, flora and fauna.

Named by its traditional owners, the Butchulla people, K’gari (meaning paradise) doubles as an airstrip and a beach highway, stretching 123km and spanning 166,000 hectares.

Built up over hundreds of thousands of years of tidal action, the oldest age sequence of coastal sand dune systems exist on K’gari. Some dunes are believed to be around 400,000 years old. Eco-adventures on the island include cruises discovering the untouched beauty of the remote western side, a 90km Great Walk adventure and guided or self-drive tours.

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Lake McKenzie

The famous pure white silica sand and crystal clear waters of Lake Mckenzie makes it the crowd favourite for visitors to Fraser Island, and for good reason. The blues and greens of this perched lake also known as Boorangoora are endless. You’ll want to spend all day lounging around at this hotspot.
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Lake Wabby

Towards the ocean side of Fraser Island, you’ll find Lake Wabby. Lake Wabby is a unique spot because it’s both a window and barrage lake. It’s also the perfect spot to pull out the camera and document the giant sand dune that borders its deep green waters. This dune is slowly moving into the lake and in centuries time will completely cover those green waters.
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Indian Head

Indian Head is a coastal headland providing incredible views on the eastern side of the island. A popular lookout for tourists, Indian Head offers panoramic views of the island’s beaches, and a perfect place to spot marine life like dolphins and Humpback whales!
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Eli Creek

On the eastern beach of the island lies Eli Creek. Each hour around 4 million litres of clear, freshwater is pumped from Eli Creek into the ocean. With a boardwark that follows the creek inland, this is the perfect spot for a swim (or float). Eli Creek is a regular stop over on some of the great Fraser Island tours available.
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Central Station

Originally established as a forestry camp when there was logging on Fraser Island (K’gari), Central Station offers a picnic area and educational display surrounding the early development of the island and its abundant flora and fauna. A boardwalk winds through lush rainforest around Wanggoolba Creek, giving you a chance to see some of the world’s largest ferns.
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Champagne Pools

The naturally formed rock pools are one of the island’s most visited hot spots. At low tide you’ll find calm pools and at high tide waves crash over nearby rocks filling these pools with frothy bubbles, just like a glass of champagne! The pools are located on the eastern side of the island between Waddy Point and Indian Head.
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Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno, the most famous of the Fraser Island wrecks, washed ashore just north of Happy Valley on 75 Mile Beach during a cyclone in 1935. Once a well-known trans-Tasman liner, today the hull now lies about 10km north of Happy Valley. The Maheno is a great piece of Australian history and is a must see for those visiting Fraser Island (K’gari).
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The Cathedral's

The Cathedral’s are a stunning array of coloured sand cliffs located south of Indian Head on 75 Mile Beach. The spectacular phenomenon is a stunning array of colour, with sands of red, brown, yellow and orange all mixed together. The unique sand cliffs have been sculpted by the wind and rain blowing in off the Pacific.



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75 Mile Beach

This endless stretch of beach runs along the eastern side of Fraser Island and is officially a national highway that doubles as a unique landing strip for light aircraft. Along the main thoroughfare of this 75 mile stretch of beach you can find some of the island’s most iconic spots including: The Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek, Indian Head and Champagne Pools. Just remember to keep an eye on the tides when you’re driving along this sand highway.
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