Figures updated this week show that the total recorded doses of COVID vaccines administrated on the Fraser Coast is 55,704.

As of this week the Fraser Coast is not only sitting above the 60.7% state average but is in the top four regions with the highest vaccination rates in the state. Sitting just below Brisbane, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, with 63.6% of Fraser Coast residents are doubled vaccinated, while 78.5% have received their first dose, awaiting their second.

Geographic data reveals 66% of Hervey Bay residents are currently fully vaccinated, with 80.7% single doses and waiting for their second, while 60.5% of Maryborough residents have received two injections and 75.7% have received one vaccine and are waiting for their second.

Whitsundays and Gladstone are at the bottom of the scale with 45.4% and 51.3% of its population double dosed, while Brisbane city is leading the way with 68.1% of its residents fully vaccinated, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast follow with 65.9% and 63.9% of its populations who have received two covid immunisations. The Fraser Coast is just below with 63.6% fully vaccinated residents.

Brisbane and Noosa again lead the charge for number of people who have received one dose across the state followed closely by Sunshine Coast and the Fraser Coast.


For all Queensland vaccination rates by Local Government areas click here

Premier Palaszczuk is continuing push the State’s vaccination campaign this week, aiming for 80% vaccination by December 17.

From 25 October 2021, 73.4% of people aged 16 and over in Australia have received two Covid immunisations, with Queensland siting at the lower end.

If 80 per cent vaccination rates are met fully, vaccinated travellers will be allowed to enter Queensland without the need to quarantine from December 17.  You can find the roadmap here: Roadmap for Queensland’s borders.