L'île de Lady Elliot

Lady Elliot Island 2

Have you been dreaming of exploring the world’s largest coral reef? Just a 40-minute flight from Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast is Lady Elliot Island, the most southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. Step from the sandy beach into an amazing underwater world filled with turtles, dolphins, manta ray and reef sharks with a 25m-plus visibility all year round.

Lady Elliot Island is a highly protected green zone, a sanctuary for more than 1200 species of marine life and one of the top five destinations in the world to scuba dive with Manta Rays. The mantas are more active between Mai and Août but can be seen all year round.

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You can enjoy the surrounding reef with a mix of hard and soft corals across more than 18 different diving sites, including wreck dives and a blow hole. If staying on top of the water is more your style – the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort has introduced clear-bottom kayak tours to give you an entirely different view of the reef.

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Top 5 Facts from the start of the Great Barrier Reef


  • Hervey Bay is the busiest access point to Lady Elliot Island with three return flights carrying up to 19 passengers each day
  • The eco resort that calls Lady Elliot home has been recognised for its dedication to preserving this natural asset by winning bronze in ecotourism at the 2018 Australian Tourism Awards
  • The island has the 2nd highest diversity of bird species on the Great Barrier Reef (up to 95 different species!)
  • Lady Elliot is famous for being known as the ‘home of the manta’
  • Prince Charles visited Lady Elliot Island in 2018 for a Reef Roundtable, meeting leaders from industry and government to discuss the protection of the reef.

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