Fraser Coast Opportunities


Fraser Coast Tourism & Events has a strong network of Event Volunteers who are passionate ambassadors for our region.  If your event needs a volunteer workforce, we may be able to assist.  Please complete the Event Volunteer Request Form and then contact Andrew Dower, Senior Event Coordinator, on 0419 616 445 or by emailing [email protected].

Click here to download the Event Volunteer Request Form.

Become a Fraser Coast Event Volunteer


To help support our vision that by the year 2025, the Fraser Coast region will be recognised nationally and internationally as Queensland's most desirable place to visit, live, work, learn and invest, we are calling on individuals who are passionate and knowledgeable about the Fraser Coast to join our team of Fraser Coast Boasters as Event Volunteers.

Event Volunteers are valued members of FCTE and are an integral part of delivering first class events, such as:

  • Relish Food & Wine Festival

  • Mary Poppins Festival

  • Paddle Out for Whales

  • RACQ Technology Challenge

  • Open House    

  • Australian Offshore Superboat Championships

Whether you're interested in food & wine, offshore super boats or just want to help out. No matter what your background is we will find a role that suits you. The only requirement is that you bring your passion and enthusiasm for the Fraser Coast.  As an Event Volunteer with Fraser Coast Tourism & Events you will be rewarded with recognition of your efforts to support the cultural, social and economic development of our region.  

To become an Event Volunteer, simply download our events volunteer agreement form (click here) complete the relevant information and send it through to our events team.

Have a few questions?  

Please contact Andrew Dower, Senior Events Coordinator on Mobile: 0419 616 445 or [email protected]