Fraser Coast Opportunities

Event Support Information

Fraser Coast Opportunities provides advice, mentoring and development support in the growth, planning and delivery of events, functions and conferences on the Fraser Coast.

Events play an important role in the cultural, social and economic development of our region. There are hundreds of small and large community events each year which celebrate our region's diversity and foster community spirit and participation. Fraser Coast Opportunities aims to develop our regions lively events program to ensure it provides opportunities for bringing our communities together, celebrating our region's diversity, and attracting visitors.

If you are planning a public event in the region, Fraser Coast Opportunities can guide you through everything from obtaining the relevant permits and recommending appropriate venues to assisting you in strategic planning for the growth and development of your event.

Fraser Coast Community Events - Groupsite

The Fraser Coast Community Events Groupsite is an online group; described as “The smarter way to build and benefit your community”.  A central platform for collaboration, sharing of information and networking for events on the Fraser Coast.

If you have ideas about how your event can grow or if you are facing problems that are holding your event back, the Fraser Coast Community Events Groupsite will be able to assist.  Benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Discussion Forum & Blog; Members can post topics and discuss any topic or question.  Example: Does anyone know a local musician suitable for a family fun day event?

  • Group Calendar; Members can easily post their events, committee meetings, significant dates to a shared group calendar.  Check for clashes with other events.

  • Files and document sharing: members can post and share documents such as flyers and posters about an event or best practice policies, templates or important information.

  • Member Profiles; each member creates their own profile and can view other member's profiles.  Profile includes the capacity of their community/sporting group, how they can assist other events and what equipment or facilities they have relevant to events.  Use this to look for partners or other groups who can assist you.

  • Email Blasts; members can email all members or select specific members to email through the Groupsite.

If you are interested in joining, visit the Groupsite here Fraser Coast Community Events Groupsite and click join this group.  A small subscription fee of $20 per annum is a worthy investment and will be invoiced to your club / group.

Event planners guide

This guide is provided to help you run an event in the Fraser Coast Region.  It is designed as a series of Event Checklists to provide prompts and support for event organisers to plan and execute an event successfully.  The guide includes local content and a series of templates aimed at making it easier for event organisers on the Fraser Coast.


Event organisers workshop

The Event Organisers Workshop is a workshop that aims to educate and demonstrate the basics of event design and management, incorporating planning for successive events, packaging with tourism operators and future growth development. Included are keynote speakers that will help you understand the skills required to grow your event successfully and sustainably.  The next Event Organisers Workshop is tentatively booked for February 2018. 

To express an interest in attending please add your contact details here.

EVENT business planning

A good event business plan can help you secure finance, define the direction of your event and create strategies to achieve your goals. A good template steps you through the process of creating a solid, well-structured plan tailored to your event.  


An event budget should not be planned around relying on funding and sponsorship as these are not guaranteed. Establish a sound basic budget to deliver the event and then allocate a ‘wish list’ with the proposed elements which are dependent on obtaining the desired dollar funding. The event budget should be detailed enough to identify all possible revenue and costs associated with staging your event.  Below is a downloadable budget template to assist with budgeting for your event.

Click here for a budget template.

Event Volunteers

Fraser Coast Opportunities has a strong network of Event Volunteers who are passionate ambassadors for our region.  If your event needs a volunteer workforce, we may be able to assist.  Please complete the Event Volunteer Request Form and then contact our Events Development Coordinator by clicking here

Click here for the Event Volunteer Request Form.

Event Surveys

Gathering information to be used in your event evaluation is also important for successful applications for funding and sponsorship.  Fraser Coast Opportunities has developed a standard Community Events Survey Form that captures all the demographic, economic, psychographic and marketing information that is essential to know and understand for growing events.  The survey is accessed via and community event organisers are strongly encouraged to use this survey. 

Please contact our Event Development Coordinator for more information.

Event Permits and Licences

There are a range of licences and permits that might apply to the staging of your event depending on the type and location.  Below is a small list of permits and licenses which could apply to your event and contact details of the relevant agency you may need to apply to.  More information about licences and permits that may be relevant to your event can be found on page 20 of the Event Planners Guide.


Permit / Licence



Liquor Permit for the supply or sale of Alcohol

Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations

13 74 68

Special Event Permit

Road Closure Permit

Queensland Police Service

(07) 4123 8111

Aquatic Event Authority Permit

Queensland Transport Maritime Safety

13 74 68


Waste Management Plan

Fraser Coast Regional Council - Waste Management Department

1300 79 49 29

Designated Outdoor Smoking Area Permit

Queensland Health

131 304

Site Management / Emergency Access Plans

Queensland Fire & Rescue

Queensland Ambulance Service

(07) 4190 4081

(07 4123 0990 MB

(07) 4124 2710 HB


Event Funding and Grants

There are a number of ways events can be supported by funding and grants.  It is important to understand the specific guidelines and eligibility of available grants before commencing an application.  Many events are often unsuccessful with funding and grant applications entirely based on minor oversights in their eligibility for assistance.  Fraser Coast Opportunities has experience and skills in successfully applying for grants and funding.  If you would like strategic advice in the development of your submission or just need a final proof reader, please feel free to contact our Event Development Officer here

Below are useful websites with opportunities for event funding.  More information is also included on page 15 of the Event Planners Guide.

Marketing and Promotion

To ensure the ongoing success of your event you need to put effort into promoting them well. Do not rely on one method of communicating about your event. Use a variety of promotional material and an integrated marketing approach that could include post, email, telemarketing, websites, advertising, press releases, online calendars, word of mouth, and industry or relevant business publications.  Below are a number of downloadable templates and helpful websites to assist with marketing your event.  More information is available on page 28 of the Event Planners Guide.  You may also list your event for free on the Visit Fraser Coast Events website. Simply go to and click on 'submit your event'.


Selecting the right location for your event is very important. You need to determine the best venue that will allow you to comfortably cater for the number of people anticipated at the event.  Below are links to information about booking Fraser Coast Regional Council’s halls, venues, parks and gardens.  There is also information on page 18 of the Event Planners Guide to assist in choosing a suitable venue and designing a site plan.