Early whales a positive omen for 2021

With one of the first pods of whales spotted in Hervey Bay last Saturday, we should all hope that the early appearance is an omen for a good 2021 season to come.

With passenger numbers just shy of 50,000 (49,683) last year which was severely impacted by COVID lockdowns, we can be hopeful of a stronger 2021 season provided the health situation does not deteriorate.

Early whales a positive omen for 2021 1

The region is starting from a stronger visitor base in May than in past years, with our top 30 accommodation properties recording 70-%-75% occupancy in the last week. The same period in 2019 recorded an occupancy level of about 40%.

The Melbourne situation is causing concern and will be impacting the holiday plans for city Victorians, but we are noticing a larger number of NSW and Victorian people already on the road. This has helped our Visitor Centres to record tour sales for the month of May 2021 above the total achieved for the same month in 2019 and June has already started positively.

The Jetstar Famil team had a fantastic time in region at the end of last week and most were “blown away” by the terrific weather compared to home base and the remote beauty of the marine park and Fraser Coast/Fraser Island experiences. Maryborough also got a strong tick of approval for its heritage and military assets.