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Discover the History and heritage

Maryborough is one of Queensland's oldest cities. In early colonial times it was the second most important port on the East Coast of Australia after Sydney and at one stage was the rival for Brisbane as the site for the new state capital.

Maryborough has a rich history few cities could rival. But what really sets Maryborough apart is that much of that heritage remains. It is living history, captured in beautiful old homes and buildings, outstanding museums, iconic historical characters, events, festivals and tours.

Under its well earned Heritage City title, it has scores of sights and historic points of interest within walking distance of the city centre. Visitors can enjoy a free guided Heritage Walking Tour departing City Hall Monday to Saturday. For homes and sights further a field, visitors can choose air-conditioned bus tours or explore at their own pace.

When the Port of Maryborough was at its zenith in the last half of the 1800's, it was a gateway for more than 22,000 imigrants. While the port has long grown dormant, its history and gloriously preserved buildings remain as Portside, Maryborough's largest tourist destination.