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'Explore a Past Life' workshop

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This experiential workshop provides the opportunity to explore your soul’s journey in a different timeframe from present day, when you were in a different human body and lived by a different name.
Through the use of your senses and imagination, you will be guided into a hypnotic state in which you may connect with a version of ‘yourself’ in a past life.
This connection may help you see lessons, patterns and relationships that will help bring clarity to your life today.
Note - the use of your imagination is crucial to the success of your experience. It is important to go with the flow of what you are sensing, without judgement, since your spiritual mind communicates through your imagination.
This workshop is not designed for therapy of any kind and we cannot guarantee that you will feel you have connected with a previous life.

Our course incorporates:
• Welcome and Introduction
• Meditation, chakra balancing
• Discussion of soul lessons, soul contracts, the afterlife
• The Eternal Now and concept of parallel/past/alternate/future lives existing as one
Hypnosis facilitating:
• Warm up activities (regression to current life pleasant memories) to heighten your senses
• Guidance to allow an exploration of one or more past lives
• An opportunity to reflect on lessons learned and patterns released
• Messages from guides or soul family
• Healing and insights relevant to your current life

The course fee of $125 includes morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea and one MP3 audio to practise past life exploration at home.
Note: A CD with the audio tracks is available for an additional $5, with prior notification
Prior attendees are welcome to attend at the discounted fee of $100.

Contact Julie-Ann or Michelle on [email protected] if you are interested in attending this course.

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Phone:  0416011286

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