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Location: Hervey Bay, QLD | Type: Natural Attractions

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Hervey Bay
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When it comes to soul-stirring, up close interactions with Humpback Whales, there's no place like Hervey Bay. The stunning intimacy of these gentle giants will truly take your breath away, leaving you with amazing memories and even better pictures.

The Fraser Coast is one of the few places in the world that is now also offering an immersive Humpback Whale experience.

20 years of research has recently confirmed that the Fraser Coast is the only genuine stopover along the migration route where up to 10000 whales deviate from their annual journey back to Antarctica.

Unlike Whale Watching in the open ocean, where the whales simply pass by en route north or south, the whales stay for up to 10 days in Hervey Bay, using time to rest, play and socialise.

You can experience the incredible Humpbacks up close and personal from July to November each year.

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Phone: 07 4191 2600

Email: [email protected]


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