Fraser Coast Opportunities

Where Nature Comes Alive

It is no secret that the Fraser Coast has been blessed with some of Australia's leading natural attractions, including two World Heritage listed areas, Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island, as well as the best whale watching experience in the world. What isn't as well known is how much there is to do in the Fraser Coast once all the major icons have been dealt with!

In the Fraser Coast adrenalin pumping action is always around the corner. Take in Fraser Island from a completely different angle as you jump into one of the most beautiful skydive locations in the world. Get some serious air while taking in a kite surfing lesson. Enjoy the spectacular views while parasailing or hang gliding. Surf the waves or make your own on a jet ski or banana boat. Grab a rod and join the professionals for the thrill of world class game fishing. Whatever your preference is when it comes to exhilarating adventure, the Fraser Coast can cater for your needs, plus more!