Location Point Vernon
Venue Beach House Hotel
Dates Recurring
7 to 12 October
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Address 44 Charlton Esplanade
Point Vernon QLD 4655
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Fraser Coast Information Centre
+61 1800 811 728

What it's all about

The fun, the excitement

The 2019 World Whale Conference, hosted in Hervey Bay in Australia, will focus on the theme of 'Journeys that Inspire Change.'

Topics will include:

- Understanding whale migrations and their significance for marine conservation;
- Promoting sustainable whale and dolphin tourism for tourists and local communities;
- Exploring our cultural and artistic connections with migrating whales;
- Maximising the power of cetaceans to inspire positive human behaviour change to protect our oceans.
- Delegates will hear from speakers, and discuss and share evidence, to better understand how we - can improve and ensure the protection of cetaceans in Australia and worldwide. In addition, delegates will participate in themed workshops and share ideas and best practice on the work already underway to protect cetaceans.

Whale Heritage Site Summit and Awards
Following the conference, the Whale Heritage Site Summit will showcase destinations, businesses, charities, events, and communities leading the way in marine conservation, community engagement, and sustainable development.

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