Location Maryborough
Venue Maryborough City Hall
Dates Recurring
20 January
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Address 388 Kent Street
Maryborough QLD 4650
Postal City Hall
388 Kent Street
Maryborough QLD 4650
Email [email protected]
Phone 07 4122 6000
Website http://www.ourfrasercoast.com.au/Da-Vinci-Machines-Exhibition
Adult $12.00
Child $6.00
Concession $10.00
Family $30.00
Group $5.00 to $10.00
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Information & Bookings
Fraser Coast Information Centre
+61 1800 811 728

What it's all about

The fun, the excitement

Discover the extraordinary designs of one of the world's greatest minds in this award-winning interactive exhibition.

This award-winning global exhibit showcases 60 iconic machines and inventions inspired by Leonardo’s drawings. See 500 year old contraptions brought to life including Da Vinci’s flying machines and actual size replicas of his most famous artworks, including the Mona Lisa.

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388 Kent Street, Maryborough