Lake A Dream: 10 Reasons Why Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About Lake McKenzie

Lake A Dream: 10 Reasons Why Everyone Can't Stop Talking About Lake McKenzie 1

It’s the epitome of paradise, the reason why K’gari #FraserIsland is often voted one of Australia’s must-see travel spots. You’ve seen the pictures and the videos on the ‘gram, you’ve heard all about its white beaches and swirly blue waters, but what else makes this spot one of the ultimate bucket list destinations? Let’s sea…

1. It’s the Jewel of K’gari
She’s our blue-eyed girl. The striking blue colour of Boorangoora (aka Lake McKenzie) makes it a chart-topper when it comes to #bucketlist swims around the world. The Traditional Owners of the land, the Butchulla people, believed that K’gari (Fraser Island) was created when the goddess was transformed into the land, with Boorangoora being one of her eyes.

2. Forget about Mount Franklin…
Because we are talking about 100% rainwater here. Lake Mckenzie is perched 100-meters above sea level, one of forty of its kind scattered across the island. Thanks to the sand and organic matter that naturally accumulates at the bottom, rainwater simply can’t escape and voila! You’ve got yourself the world’s most exclusive swimming pool. In fact, the acidity levels are so high it makes it difficult for just about any other life to survive. Sadly, the only pollutant you will find in these waters is sunscreen and other man-made chemicals.

Lake A Dream: 10 Reasons Why Everyone Can't Stop Talking About Lake McKenzie 2

3. It’s not too good to be true
“Wow… you look exactly like your profile pic!” – Everyone
Lots of people are surprised by just how striking Lake McKenzie is. You can put the filters and Facetune away because this place truly is as good as it looks. The contrast of lush greenery surrounding the aquamarine plunge pool framed by white silky sand is just nature at its best. Oh, how hard it must be to be that good looking…

4. Two words: Silica. Sand.
This brings us to our next point. The sand. Silica sand consists largely of quartz that has broken down over time. It is rounded in shape, unlike other sands which makes it perfect for a DIY pedicure and jewellery cleaning station. It is also what gives off that glorious white colour. It is silky and almost fluffy to walk on and to be honest, why we too believe that Heaven Is A Place On Earth here at Lake McKenzie.

Lake A Dream: 10 Reasons Why Everyone Can't Stop Talking About Lake McKenzie 3

5. Clearer than your local swimming pool
Oh, and another reason why a dip in Lake Mckenzie is far better than sharing that questionable public swimming pool down the road. Once again, it’s all thanks to good ol’ silica sand – because what can’t it do? It also acts as Lake McKenzie’s personal BRITA water filter and purifier. AKA the rainwater is left in its purest state – so you can thank the Sand Gods for the crystal clear, blue waters that make up this Aussie icon.

Lake A Dream: 10 Reasons Why Everyone Can't Stop Talking About Lake McKenzie 4

6. #Instaworthy
Honestly, can you even say you took a trip to Fraser Island if you haven’t taken that candid ‘wading in Lake McKenzie’ shot? We don’t mean to brag, but we rate as one of Queensland’s Most Instagrammable Places and we got the stats to prove it. We haven’t been tagged in over 50k Instagram posts for nothin’.

7. Fraser Island is camping goals
If you want to make this beautiful spot more than just a pit-stop (seriously, who wouldn’t?) then have no fear because we can do that too. There is a range of awesome camping facilities available so you can literally have this lake on your front doorstep. Prefer a bit of glamping? We gotcha covered there too. Nearby allocated camping facilities include toilets, showers (cold because #nature) and BBQ’s. Just don’t forget your permits and you are set to go. Belissimo!

8. Sand-wiches
Got a little less time but still want to relax and really just take in the surroundings? Family meals getting a bit tired? Then you obviously haven’t had a picnic with the beautiful Lake McKenzie as your backdrop. Nearby the waters edge are allocated areas fit with picnic tables for you to enjoy. Ants are welcome and chances are the kookaburras will visit too, but please remember this is strictly a #nodingo party. So please only consume food in these allocated areas and always be dingo safe.

9. Heart-shaped trees
Remember how we were talking about how little to no life can sustain Lake McKenzie because #science? Well, that goes for all organic matter – including plant life. Little to no flora can withstand the acidity of this place, and you will only find reeds and scattered paperbark trees framing the water’s edge. The paperback trees have become almost as iconic as the lake itself and the heart-shape in which they grow add that touch of #romance to cute couple shots.

Lake A Dream: 10 Reasons Why Everyone Can't Stop Talking About Lake McKenzie 5

10. Waters of wisdom

How’s the serenity? No, you weren’t just imagining it, Boonrangoora does truly feel like magic – it literally translates to the ‘Waters of Wisdom’. The Butchulla tribe once exclusively used the site as a place to think and for decision-making. The wise ones would meet and listen for messages from the spirits in the breeze.