Your front row seat in the ultimate venue


Harvey and the Humpbacks are the biggest live act in the world. Everyone wants to see them. Their performances are the stuff of legend. Jaw dropping displays of raw animal magnetism that you will be talking about for years and want to see again.

From July to November, Harvey and the Humpbacks are touring up and down the Queensland Coast, but it is when they get to Hervey Bay that their performance really comes alive.

Harvey and the Humpbacks rock the calm, sheltered waters of Hervey Bay and make this the best place to see them live offering you a front row seat at every performance. Like the natural born stars they are, you can expect some playful antics, like leaping up and thumping their huge fins and tail flukes up to 30 times in 5 minutes!!

Harvey and the Humpbacks will be supported by an internationally renowned line-up, including The Dolphins, The Dugongs and The Green Turtles.

Whale Encounters - from July to November

Hervey Bay's humpback whales are just as friendly as the locals.  That's what makes our whale watching experience so unique.  Hervey Bay is the only place in the whole world where whales actually stop and take time to play.

Every year an estimated 13,000 humpback whales migrate from Antartica to the warm waters of the Whitsunday Islands to breed.  However, it is between late July and early November on their return to the south that they bring their calves to Hervey Bay for some good old fashioned fun.

Whether you only have a few hours or can't resist taking the entire day, whale watching in Hervey Bay is a truly unforgettable and often humbling experience that simply cannot be missed.

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