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Great Sandy Strait

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Located between the mainland and Fraser Island, the Great Sandy Strait is a diverse mix of marine and coastal wetlands, crystal clear turquoise water, white sandy beaches, native woodlands and dense fainforest.  Nestled on the water's edge are the charming fishing villages of Tin Can Bay, Poona, BoonoorooRainbow Beach, Tuan and Tinnanbar.  The Great Sandy Strait rivals the Whitsundays with its ideal sailing conditions and stunning scenery, while its sheltered bays, sand flats, beaches and mangrove-lined creeks are perfect for fishing.  See rare shorebirds as they use the strait as their summer breeding ground.  Watch dolphins play off the shore and dugong graze on sea beds in this declared sanctuary.  Sail this marine sanctuary and explore the western side of Fraser Island or discover the Southern Hemisphere's largest artificial reef and remains of two of Queensland's oldest lighthouses. A stopover at Pelican Banks is a must on any boating trip.  Swim in the shallow turquoise waters or walk along the sparkling white sans of this remote gem. Yachts, catamarans or event the humble tinny can all be hired at the Hervey Bay Marina.  Whatever your choice the Great Sandy Strait is easy to navigate and full of adventure. Explore this fantastic region by following the Great Sandy Discovery Trail.