Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located just off the coast from Queensland’s Hervey Bay.  World Heritage list Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and one of the only places in the world where rainforest grows in sand. Over 120 kilometres long and over 25 kilometres across at its widest point, Fraser Island is a unique natural environment that has developed over 800,000 years. Named 'K'gari' (meaning paradise) Fraser Island was home to the Butchulla people who lived on the island for over 5,000 years.

Fraser Island is also home to numerous pristine freshwater lakes such as Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby, Lake Birrabeen and Lake Allom, crystal clear creeks featuring famous Eli Creek, and Champagne Pools; spectacular swimming rock pools. Fraser Island also boasts a wealth of other natural attractions such as stunning wetlands, heath decorated with wildflowers and 1000 year old rainforest trees all thriving from nothing more than sand. 

Located on the eastern side of the Island is Seventy Five Mile Beach, a stunning natural highway where you will discover Fraser Island’s own shipwreck, “The Maheno” and cliffs of amazing coloured sand formations. Fraser Island is home to 350 species of birds, wallabies, possums, echidnas and Australia’s purest dingoes and its warm waters attract dugong, dolphins and turtles. The magnificent humpback whales, with their young, pass on the western side of the island between May and November.

There are numerous ways you can experience this magnificent Island.  You can join one of the many Fraser Island Tours that depart Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach or Kingfisher Bay Resort each day.  Join one of the adventurous Fraser Island Tag A-Long Tours.  Hire a 4WD or take your own across on a Fraser Island Ferry and discover off-road 4WDing at its best. Take a scenic flight over Fraser Island and land on Seventy Five Mile Beach.  Cruise across the Great Sandy Straits on a Fraser Island Ferry and hike part or all of Fraser Island’s Great Walk. 

Fraser Island Accommodation is also many and varied.  From Eco Friendly resorts such as Kingfisher Bay Resort, to accommodation ideal for a perfect family fishing getaway at Eurong Beach Resort, to self contained cabins and beach houses scattered along the eastern beach.  For those that really want to get back to nature a Fraser Island Camping holiday is the ideal choice for you.  Stay in one of the many National Parks camp grounds or at a designated camping spot along the eastern beach.  Don’t forget you will need a vehicle or camping Permit to camp or self drive on Fraser Island.

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I grew up on the Fraser Coast...
And to me it is a place where I go to relax and enjoy the spoils of living at the gateway to Fraser Island. Growing up my family made it a tradition to camp at Fraser Island every year, and my wife and I now continue this by travelling to spend a week at what I call the beast place to holiday on earth. I have had
the privilege of travelling all around the
world, but in my eyes nothing even comes close – we can’t wait for our next visit to
the beautiful Fraser Coast.

Nathan Hauritz
Former Hervey Bay local
now Australian Cricketer

Fraser Island

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